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About us

We're a fully remote team of 50 people living and working in 5 countries all over the world (Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, UK).

Our commitment to support our team and customers has helped Bundle grow to serving over 700,000 users in 2 years. Our passion for making meaningful connections flows through everything that we do.

We care about building a quality product, a trusted relationship with our customers, and a sense of community that connects our customers with one another.

Our Core Values

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It is important that we communicate effectively and clearly. This helps us collaborate efficiently, foster a pleasant environment internally.

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Team work

We believe in building our community, and we work together as a team to deliver the best product. Our environment has been created to be inclusive and accepting of all individual differences. We want everyone to be comfortable and reach their true potential to ensure the business thrives.

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Customer centric

We strive to understand our customer's pain points, and how our product(s) can help. We are problem-solvers, helping to make our customer's outcome more attainable. Our customers rank above every other thing.

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When it comes to building the best products, we are selfless and passionate. At Bundle, we are dedicated to our roles and do everything essential to get the task done We are open to feedback and love criticisms that would help us grow.

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