How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

How to protect your Bundle account- Bundle

Have you ever received phone calls, text messages, or direct messages on social media from imposters or people claiming to be crypto companies, traders, or even Bundle? 👀

In this article, you’ll learn how impersonator scammers operate and how you can protect your Bundle account. 📝

3 Common Phishing Scams

1. Text Message, WhatsApp, Telegram Scams 📱

In this situation, followers of Bundle on social media, and members of the telegram community may receive a text message from a scammer impersonating Bundle or its staff.

  • The text may claim that you have won a prize or some money in a Bundle promo and ask you to click a link to claim it.
  • Or, they may claim that your account is under attack by a hacker and a Bundle staff member will contact you to help secure your account.

2. Verification Code & OTP Scams 🔐

The verification scam is one of the most common scams that currently exist. Normally, security measures like 2-Factor Authentication and one-time verification codes make it challenging for scammers to withdraw a user’s funds from your account, even when they have their login details.

3. Phishing Scams 🔗

Phishing scams are also a very popular option used by scammers. Users are asked to click on a link that looks like that of the company but it is a fake account. They might ask you to update your password to continue using your Bundle account, log in to claim a reward or any message that will tempt you into logging into your account.

How To Avoid Scams

  • Only log into Bundle through the official website.
  • Do not share your OTP/ password or 2FA pin with anyone.
  • Before clicking on any link for a giveaway, verify the source.
  • The only form of customer support we give is through our official support channel or the helpdesk.
  • Bundle employees would never call you to reset your password or ask for your OTP or pin.
  • Don't use easy-to-identify pin numbers on your Bundle app, i.e. 0000, 1234, your birthday year etc.
  • Remember that no Bundle team member or Alpha would call you to ask for your password, login information, OTP code or Pin number.
  • Remember that no Bundle team member or Alpha would send you a private message or DM requesting your private information or share links to any unauthorized website with you.
  • Make sure you immediately report to the Bundle Support team via the app or via if you get any notification that states your email, pin or phone number has been changed by someone else.
  • Make sure you physically protect your device with a strong alphanumeric password at all times.
  • Please make sure you are updating or downloading the Bundle App from the official Google PlayStore and iOS Appstore.
  • Do not engage in any transactions outside of the Bundle App as this will be fully at the owner's risk. All trading activities are strictly in-app. 📲
  • If you have reasons to suspect anything that appears suspicious affiliated with Bundle, please do not hesitate to contact us at to report this.

Protecting your Bundle Account with 2FA

First, update your Bundle app from the Google Play Store and iOS Appstore.

Login Select Profile by clicking your photo on the top left corner of your screen → Select Security Settings Select Two Factor Authentication choose your 2FA option; Email Authentication, Google Authenticator, or both.

For Email Authentication:

  • Click confirm.
  • Next time you have a withdrawal, we will be prompted to validate with a code sent to your email address registered on Bundle

For Google Authenticator or Both.

  • Follow the Prompts
  • Ensure you have the Google Authenticator App
  • On the Google Authenticator App, select the + sign at the bottom right corner
  • Scan the barcode shown or copy the code shown
  • Next time you try to make a withdrawal, you will be prompted to validate with a code from the app or sent to your registered email address.

If you suspect any withdrawal activities that weren’t initiated by you, please reach out to the Bundle support team via the helpdesk immediately.

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