How to request crypto on Bundle

Did you know that you can request crypto from your contacts on Bundle and have them pay you at zero extra cost? Yes, for exactly zero fees.

You can also request payment in crypto from your friends who aren’t on Bundle by inviting them to sign up with their phone numbers.

Asking for your money back just became a whole less awkward.

How to request funds on Bundle:

How to request crypto on Bundle

Step 1: Click Request on your wallet home screen

Step 2: Select the person you want to request from or invite them if they’re not yet on Bundle

Step 3: Choose the asset you would like them to send you

Step 4: Enter an amount and description

Step 5: Confirm and authorize the request

Voila! 🎉 You’ve asked for your money without it having to be uncomfortable. And now you just have to wait for the money to arrive in your wallet! 🧘🏾

If you need more help, here's a video showing how to send crypto on Bundle.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to our CX team who are always available to help you.

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