How To Send Crypto on Bundle

Bundle allows you to send cash or cryptocurrency to your friends on Bundle as well as send crypto to external wallets. Sending to contacts on Bundle is free. Here's how it works.

Sending to another Bundle account:

  • Tap send on your wallet page

Tap send to Bundle contact.

Pick from your contacts on Bundle or type in the username of the person you want to send to.

Choose cash or the cryptocurrency you want to send to a friend.

Enter the amount you want to transfer and press send. Please note you can only send as much as you have in your Bundle wallet.

You will be prompted to enter your Bundle transaction pin to authorize the send.

Sending to an external wallet address  

We hope we’ve been helpful.

If you have any questions or a comment, please tap the purple and white circle on the lower right side of your screen and send us a message.

There’s always someone at Bundle waiting to help you. 💜

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