Introducing: A Better and Smoother Bundle

One of the things Bundlers love about using the app is the ease of use, and it gets better with the new Bundle. 🥳🥳

I hope you are as excited as I am as I highlight some new features and how they make trading crypto easier.

  • Optimised trading experience: Our team has worked to enhance our system to display the prices of assets in real-time while ensuring your trades are carried out effectively. Asides from smoothening the experience, we have also made crypto trading faster. 🤑
  • New wallet pages: We've modified our wallet experience to show all your balances, transaction history and holdings on separate pages to enable easy trading. We've also separated your cash balance (which is fixed) from your crypto balance (which varies because of market fluctuation). Percentage changes on your portfolio pages are also now available.💪🏾
  • Improved asset pages and charts: We added more details on the price charts, list pages, and assets. Now you can see additional data points (Highs, Lows, Market Cap, Supply) of assets while doing your research. 🤯
  • Easier onboarding: You can now quickly sign up with your phone number or email. Previously you could only log in with your phone number and other biometric means, now you can use your email or phone number. 😌
  • Password Reset: You can now choose to receive your OTP code either by email or phone number if you have to reset your password. This way Bundlers who are not in the country can easily access their OTP through emails. 😎

As you test out the new Bundle, if you see any bugs or want us to improve any of our services, please fill out the form below.

#StayBundled 💜

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