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Buy, sell and swap over 80+ cryptocurrencies on Bundle with your local currency or other coins. Profit from price movements and speculate on the price holdings of assets you are vested in.


Inflation and deflation have nothing on you. Save and grow your money in stablecoins (BUSD) and earn as high as 15% per annum. No price fluctuations, no loss on the value of your funds.

Bundle Leveraged Token

Leveraged tokens give you the ability to make (or lose) significantly more based on price movements. It's higher risk, and definitely higher reward for active traders on Bundle.

Peer to Peer

Cashlink our Peer to Peer partner offers you the chance to provide liquidity to fellow traders and get paid for it.

Bundle Smart Wallet

Hold, send, receive and request money from your friends on your contact list and get funds instantly. No wallet addresses needed and its free!

Futures (Coming soon)

Borrow funds and increase your trading position without having to lock up large amounts of your capital.

Why use Bundle Products?

Bundle was built with you in mind, we understand how difficult crypto might be  and this is why we have created an app that is easy to use. We have a dedicated team, putting together the best products for your crypto journey and would keep ideating to bring you the best. We love being bundled with you.💜

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